Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Are women leaping to pop the question?!

Every four years we get a leap year, which basically means that there are 29 days in February rather than 28. Today happens to be February the 29th 2012.

To me this seems like a very bizzare concept, for example why every fourth year? and why February? Well after deliberating this idea I visited the good old Wikipedia. Basically, it's astronomical and every fourth year there is an extra day (or month)'s all explained in the link.

Google's image today
I clicked onto Google this morning and after seeing the various images they use as their logo each day (usually ones that make me laugh), I saw this one representing the Leap Year. This got me thinking about the traditions and myths that this day of the year holds, similar to days such as Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, Bonfire Night etc. 
One of the traditions behind the Leap Year is the birthday of Gioachino Rossini, a famous italian opera and music composer. Some of his writing was turned into cartoons, after carrying out my research this is how I found out that the frogs are relevant.

Another funny thing about Leap Years...birthdays. If someone is born on the 29th of February would they have to change their birthday for the other three years? Or, would they happily say they were 21 when their real age is 84. I'm sure my grandparents would certainly love to be born on this peculiar date, it would keep them feeling young at least. 

After this I was watching 'This Morning'. This got me thinking about the tradition of women proposing to their partners on the 29th of February. They had brought nine couples onto the show, the men were blissfully unaware of any events that were about to take place, thinking they were taking part in a 'couples quiz'. All the women lined up, got down on one knee, and proposed to their men. I was amazed - and startled. In fact, I couldn't stop laughing. Of course all the men said yes...(what man would dare say 'no' on national television to their girlfriend, now fiancĂ©e)...they must have all been pretty 'whipped' or 'under the thumb'. Or maybe just scared of refusing in the thought of having to buy their partner 12 pairs of gloves or fabrics for a skirt - traditions in Denmark and Finland.

So, this got me thinking. If a women were to propose to her man would she have to buy the ring for herself? And, would she have to get down on one knee? See, the thought of this baffles me. I suppose the proposing is for women who are desperate to get married and feel like their other half isn't going to pop the question. The funny thing is that when I jokingly asked my boyfriend to marry me he replied with..."If you're asking you're buying you're own ring!"

Photo Flickr: bitchcakesny

I am much more of a traditional kinda girl. My legs go wobbly at the thought of romantic proposals on the beach, or written out in roses. So the answer to my question, no, I am definitely not 'leaping' to propose.

Monday, 27 February 2012

The Basics

Basically, it's Aimee Nash, some call me Nasher, Aim or just plain old Aimee. Eighteen year old blue eyed, blonde haired trainee journalist (sounds better than student) at the Uni of Lincoln.

Got Yorkshire roots, but don't like tea, ironically. Lived my the seaside my whole life in a tiny little town called Hornsea, unfortunately. When people ask where I'm from I automatically say Hull which couldn't be more untrue, so am not a "cod head" or a "hull city supporter", thankfully. 

Owen's Birthday Cake
Been brought up by the mumsykins, and as 'chinsey' (cheesy + cringey) as it may sound, she's hand on heart my best friend. She's helped create my passion for cooking. When I was six years old I used to stand on my stool and stir the cake mixture, then mum always used to save the leftover mixture in the bowl for me to finish off, my favourite part still to this day. Makes me pretty proud when now I'm showing her new recipes.
Holly's Birthday Cake
Valentines Cupcakes
I absolutely adore baking (and food in general). I love the excited feeling when getting the decorations right when it's all finished and looking professional. I'd class myself as being a pretty creative person, especially when it comes to decorating cakes. The dream is to become a food journalist. Sometimes when I say this to people they look at me like I've fallen off the back of a bin wagon, but why not put my two passions together. 

(Either that, or have my own little bakery in a town somewhere!)

"Never trust a skinny cook!" love this quote.

Another thing I love is cute little pretty things, I like making things look pretty, I guess that's just my creativeness coming out. There's nothing better than walking into a unique little shop in a town full of cute interior designy bits. Could honestly spend a fortune on that stuff and cake decorating bits.

I love singing in the shower and playing music so loud that you can't even think.

Now, we can't be all be happy all of the time. I do have my hates. I am a HUGE clean freak, so hate when things are messy and dirty. (e.g. my kitchen at uni, all the time.) Also hate the usuals like spiders and snakes.  I have a strong dislike for the wrinkly feeling you get after having your hands under water for a while and the squeakiness of chewing gum against my teeth.

Spend a lot of my time with the 'better half' as he would call himself and love the strong bonds and laughs I have with my friends.
"A best friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway." - Natasha Hoskins
That's all you need to know, TTFN.