Thursday, 15 March 2012

I wanna' have your babies!

The advert for 'One Born Every Minute'
There are one and a quarter babies born every minute on average in the UK. So, Channel 4's documentary 'One Born Every Minute' is pretty much right when it comes to figures. Having said that it is probably pretty spot on at everything it shows.

I've got to admit I'm a huge fan of the show - probably because I love cute little babies! But I enjoy how the show gives prospective mums and people like me an insight into the beautiful (but painful) thing that is child birth.

I've honestly lost count at how many times I've sobbed at this unique programme. I just can't help myself. I think it may be the switch in atmosphere when the woman gives birth, its a mixture of relief, exhaustion and most of all happiness and pure love for the tiny human being laying on their chest.

The show is now on its third series and has so far shown a range of different hospitals around the country. It shows people from all different walks of life; from 16 year old's to 60 year old's, C-Sections to premature babies needing post natal care, women having their fifth child to women with disabilities. Literally everything.

After watching the new series for three episodes, I started to get a bit bored. It just seemed to be the same old, same old. It's difficult for a TV documentary to carry on for three series and not get repetitive. Well, this was until seeing (Series 3, Episode 4). This was an episode that I found particularly moving. It followed Trish and Steve, who seemed like a stereotypical couple at first. This was until we found out that Trish was in fact disabled. She had been in a car crash at a young age which caused brain damage. Trish was charming, funny and ladylike providing, not only the audience with some comic entertainment, but making the midwives cry every five minutes. Seeing someone who couldn't be more opposite to me make her way through the difficult time that is child birth, made me feel incredibly lucky and more hopeful that I could do it one day.

However, after last weeks episode (Series 3, Episode 10) I found my self very put off the idea of child birth. It is a well known fact with my family and friends that I have 'emetophobia' - phobia of vomit. So, found myself cringing away from the TV while the episode highlighted the 'disgusting' side to the birthing experience, hearing and seeing lots of sick. Although it did make me laugh when 19 year old Sheree came out with. "Oh my God. I'm pooing...I can't stop now it's started." This is more of the entertainment I was used to from One Born.

Another part of the documentary that I find entertaining is the Dads. Seeing them cringe and struggle throughout the labour is hilarious. They never know quite where to position themselves and how to respond to their partners death threats. I think what makes me laugh the most is the fact that I know that this is exactly how I would act during child birth. I would want to kill the causer of this pain with my bear hands. But the new dads always seem to redeem themselves when their baby is born, usually with tears.

The role of the midwife is so underestimated in today's society. However, One Born highlights this and makes the midwives seem like Angels dropped from heaven. The role of a midwife is almost like an actor, they have to be cheery all day, every day (even though there's days were they feel down), funny, caring, passionate, serious all in one go. That's a hell of a lot of emotions and actions. They are miracle workers.

We got set a Uni assignment a month or so ago to write a feature, after being a huge fan on the show I decided to write my feature on the role of midwives. This is my feature...

So, I think, in reply to Natasha Bedingfield's 'I wanna' have your babies!" Would she wanna' have anyone's babies, really?!

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