Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Our House, in the Middle of Our Street!

It's safe to say that recently I've been pretty absent in the blog department due to lack of inspiration. However, all my worthy followers will be glad to know that...I'M BACK!!

Anyways, yesterday gave me a very worthy reason to blog, finally.

Sums up our relationship really...
Anyone reading my blog will know that I have a long-term boyfriend in the form of Adam Vanner. Although there is someone else who is also very close to my heart, THEE 'other half' and that is Grace Hutchinson. Some may say that (when she's actually in Lincoln) we are literally joint at the hip. This is so extreme that even our actual other halves feel they are third wheeling.

Grace and I are currently getting extremely excited about our cute little flat that we're living in next year. Hence the inspiration. Yesterday we went back for a second viewing on our new home, and Grace's text last night described my exact feelings..."Can't stop thinking about our little flatty!!!"

So, we took along Grace's mum, who was a huge advantage as she destroyed the current tenants bedroom, moving around the bed, bookshelf and many other belongings. This was much to our amusement as she asked him a million questions about the flat and didn't quite grasp the fact that all the furniture was included.

We planned every last detail, even including where we were going to put all our baking stuff and measured all the windows so we can put up voiles to make it even more cosy. After spending an hour there it already felt like home and we had colours, furniture and even meals sorted.

For months we have been planning our move and have finally set a date. So, here's to the next chapter of uni life!

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